MFL-focused interactive whiteboard software for all [roman script] languages and levels

Is your school still using Windows PCs / laptops connected to interactive whiteboards or projectors?

If so, have you thought about using TaskMagic to create interactive activities like those below to use with the whole class or teams?

TaskMagic is a quick and easy way of making all sorts of activities that are ideal for use with a whole class and an IWB, and it can be used for all levels (KS2 to 16+) and for all roman script languages -- French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, etc, etc.

AND TaskMagic prints off a whole load of worksheets too. (See below for a few examples)

(And because it isn't web-based, you don't need to rely on an internet connection :)

A TaskMagic3 10 user licence is like MFL-focused interactive whiteboard software for a dept of up to 10 teachers (or share it outside the dept, why not?) for less than £25 per teacher. AND that's a ONE-OFF payment. NOT a subscription. 

See here for more about TaskMagic3 in general, and follow this link for pricing and licence information.


Prices, licences, order info


Exploiting texts

Making match-up games and activites for PCs and IWB

Making literacy and text-reconstruction resources based on texts

Making verb conjugation games for PC / IWB (and worksheets too)

Making picture and text match-up games for your IWB

Ready-made TaskMagic3 resources (for those who have TM3)