TaskMagic3 extended trial for PGCE students / trainee teachers (2016-2017)

For the past few years we've run a "TaskMagic3PGCE extended trial", where TaskMagic has worked with university PGCE tutors to provide trainees with a free version of the TaskMagic software.

We're doing it again this year :0)

BUT... some thoughts for you to consider if you are an ITT provider:

  • Introducing PGCE students to TaskMagic works best if you can spend some time demonstrating its usefulness, rather than just saying "here's a free download you can get - go and try it out".
  • It may even be best to save it until later in the course, once students have spent a bit of time teaching.
  • Very often PGCE students do not know enough about the ins and outs of preparing lessons, differentiation, getting the most from existing resources, exploiting texts etc... to be able to appreciate just how much a tool such as TaskMagic can do and just what a time-saver it can be.
  • What we certainly do NOT want is for PGCE students to have a negative or indifferent experience with TaskMagic which causes them to dismiss it, having failed to grasp what it's all about.
  • So please - pretty please - spend a bit of time looking at what it can do. See the TaskMagic website; this TaskMagic blog which is packed full of resources.

Thank you for your understanding. Please read on for more details: