¿Qué tal? (very short text / story)

These resources are based on a short story practising ¿Qué tal?, with lots of high frequency expressions.

It really is the shortest of stories, using expressions from the first few lessons of Spanish:

Fred está en el patio del colegio cuando ve a su amigo Barney.
“Hola Barney,” dice Fred. “¿Qué tal?”
“Muy mal,” dice Barney, y se va.
Luego Fred ve a su amiga Wilma. “Hola Wilma,” dice Fred. “¿Qué tal?”
“¿Yo?” dice Wilma, “Regular.” Y se va.
Luego ve a su amigo Greg. “Hola Greg,” dice Fred. “¿Qué tal?”
“Bien, gracias,” dice Greg. “¿Y tú, Fred?”
“¡Muy bien!” dice Fred, y se va muy contento. 

There are 10 worksheets based on the text itself and 6 based on the vocab. These were printed from TaskMagic3 (Mix&Gap and TextMatch) using http://www.dopdf.com , and combined as 2 pdfs with lots of pages using http://foxyutils.com/mergepdf/

La ley de Murphy (lots of KS4 Spanish pdf resources)

See the resources below based on a short text about Murphy's Law in Spanish (la ley de Murphy).

14 x pdf files: 11 based on the text (8 tiles; 15 tiles; 24 tiles; 1in3; gapfill; spaceinsert; anagrams; contextgaps; grammargaps; findspanish; longgaps) and 3 based on the vocab (matching; write; dominoes).

1 x TaskMagic3 Mix&Gap file (mtx3 - this is quite big as it has embedded audio)
1 x TaskMagic3 TextMatch file (mdl3)
These both require TaskMagic3. The Mix&Gap one provides access to 19 interactive exercises based on the text, WITH AUDIO.
The TextMatch file contains 20 or so interactive games and exercises - it is automatically generated based on the matching expressions used for the Find it! exercise of the Mix&Gap file.