TaskMagic3 - Free for PGCE students / trainee teachers

For the past few years we've run a "TaskMagic3PGCE extended trial", where TaskMagic has worked with university PGCE tutors to provide trainees with a free version of the TaskMagic software.

We're doing it again this year :0)

The scheme allows trainee teachers / PGCE students to download a special extended trial version of TaskMagic3 for use on their own computers or laptops, which works until the end of July 2013.

TaskMagic3PGCE, as with all TaskMagic3 programs, only works on Windows (2000 - Win7 inclusive). So please don't ask for a Mac version...

Also note that TaskMagic works with roman script only (so not with languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese etc)

Teacher trainees can use the TaskMagic3PGCE program in a number of ways:

1. If on placement at a school which uses TaskMagic3, they can use their own version at home to create engaging interactive games and exercises for use at school.

2. If they install TaskMagic3PGCE on their own laptop, and their placement school has no objection, they can take their laptop into school and connect it to an interactive whiteboard.

3. They can use TaskMagic3PGCE to print worksheets for use at school or for homework.

TaskMagic3PGCE must NOT be installed on any school computers.

In order for trainee teacher to participate in the TaskMagicPGCE scheme, their PGCE subject tutors must contact us to request to take part, and they must provide a list of trainees on their course for us to check against.

See full details in the pdf below.

Any questions, please email us on the email address provided on the above pdf file.