Bob est fatigué... - story with HF words etc.

This blogpost features a load of pdf files (15!) based on a simple story using lots of high frequency words, such as: 
tu dois
il doit
pourquoi est-ce que je dois...?
il veut
il ne veut pas
je veux
je ne veux pas
je ne veux rien faire 

The pdfs were printed from TaskMagic3 using doPDF.

You won't want to use all of the pdfs, of course. I've included them so you have a range to choose from. 10 of them are based on the story itself, and 5 are based on the vocab from the story. (See below)

The TaskMagic3 files are here too: (mtx3=Mix&Gap, see the image above; mdl3=TextMatch).
You need TaskMagic3 to access these. (Each one includes about 20 interactive exercises.)

And here are all those pdfs... :0)