Everybody knows TaskMagic, right?

TaskMagic has actually been around for a LONG time (about 10 years) in its various forms.

The consequence of this is that often, when people talk about TaskMagic, they're not necessarily all thinking of the same thing.

There are lots of schools still happily using older versions of TaskMagic. Loads of teachers are using or have used TM2 or even TM1, and they are not aware of just how much better TM3 is than previous versions - more exercise types, easier to use, looks much better, better functionality, better worksheet printing etc.

There are lots of additions, improvements and extra features in TaskMagic3. This page on the TaskMagic website lists them all, with some links to blog posts with examples etc: http://www.mdlsoft.co.uk/TMUpdate.htm#TM3

This pdf document on the TaskMagic blog lists all of the improvements and additions, broken down into categories, and it can be printed on one side of A4: http://taskmagic.posthaven.com/whats-new-in-taskmagic3

So why haven't some schools upgraded? Maybe they don't know about TM3 (possible, I guess). Maybe they're not happy with the earlier versions of TM, so whenever they hear someone mention TaskMagic, they immediately think of the version that they've seen... "TaskMagic? Yeah, I remember seeing that years ago..."

Or maybe they were too happy with the earlier versions and didn't see the need to upgrade.  Schools are continuing to upgrade to TM3 that have been happily using TM1 for about 10 years. I get emails from schools saying things like "We've been using TaskMagic1/2 for years and we love it! We've just found out there's a version 3..." (!)

In case you're interested, upgrades to the latest version of TaskMagic (from TM1 or TM2) are priced at 50% of the usual price. (And that's a one-off payment, not an annual subscription.)



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Whilst I love the demo of TM3, I know some departments are investing in new technologies (eg iPads and big TVs) rather than spending money on programs they already have on old Windows machines and IWBs that some now consider old technology.
Thanks for your comment. (It's so nice to get one :)
Yes, I know that some departments are going this way. But there are lots of schools just now moving from XP to a Windows alternative (Windows 7 - not 8) which means they could quite happily use TM3 for the foreseeable future. Ipads / tablets are not a replacement for computers / laptops in my opinion... just the latest bandwagon. (Just like IWBs and VLEs before them)
I forgot to add that an upgrade to TM3 (perpetual licence - not subscription) costs about half the price of one ipad...
And that's for every (Windows-based) computer in the school...