L'exercice physique - short GCSE text with lots of pdfs

Short GCSE practice text taken from this fab pdf on rewardinglearning with absolutely loads of GCSE French vocab and grammar practice:

Below you will find tons of pdfs printed from TaskMagic3, based on the one short text:
  • 3 x tile reconstruction - number in order or cut out and reorder.
  • 1 x multi-choice sequencing.
  • 1 x separate the words.
  • 1 x anagram text.
  • 1 x find the French.
  • 5 x gapfills: 1 with word list; 1 multi-choice; 1 context-only gapfill; 1 present tense verb transform gapfill; 1 with long gaps. These all test students in different ways.

And an additional 5 pdfs based on vocab taken from the text:
  • 1 x matching.
  • 1 x multi-choice matching.
  • 1 x pairs cards.
  • 1 x write the French.
  • 1 x dominoes.

You'd have to be completely mad to use all of these with your students. Select a few as appropriate. I've included them all to show you the full range of possibilities. (The only activity I haven't included is the multi-choice reading comprehension.)

If you have TaskMagic3, you'll be able to access these TaskMagic3 files:

Here are the pdfs, in no particular order: