Vocabulary tests

I've been thinking about vocabulary test formats and have come up with several, depending on the ability levels of the students. Examples in this post are based on the French vocab for car journeys / breakdowns (apart from the 2nd multi-choice example, clearly...): 

1. English to TL: tests production. They have to think of the word for themselves, and know how to spell it, plus possibly gender etc. Most challenging option. Made less challenging if you provide a word shape (e.g. spaces per letter) and even less so if you provide an anagram (e.g. dog = enhic).
Here's an example with word shapes provided:

Working with longer lists of vocab in Text Match

One of the many improvements in TaskMagic3 is the removal of the 16 item limit for matching exercises. TaskMagic files can now have hundreds (in fact up to 10,000) items in one file. This means you can now import entire vocab lists into one Text Match file (see this post for more details), but you can also input lists of more than 16 items manually.

The same principle

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