Carlota Isabel Diana :)

Some resources based on a text adapted from El Mundo. Suitable for AS Spanish?

This mtx3 file requires TaskMagic3... ...but the other 11 files below are pdfs that can be accessed by anybody.

It's dead easy to make your own resources like this to exploit any text using the Mix&Gap component of TaskMagic3.

Here are the pdfs, in no particular order:

Peut-on se passer du nucléaire?

I came across this article and video a couple of years ago via Twitter. It's a discussion of nuclear energy in France, ideal for A level French classes dealing with energy, environment, etc.

The 8 pdf files below all practise the same text in a variety of ways. They can be opened, printed etc, by anyone.

They are designed to be used without the audio / video, but if you want, you could use the video at either as the basis for the various exercises or as a way of correcting them (or a combination of both).

I also include the TaskMagic3 Mix&Gap file from which they were printed (using doPDF).

With TaskMagic3 you can create your own resources like these -- both interactive and print -- in a matter of minutes, based on any roman-script text of up to 500 words.

AS Spanish tourism stats resources (March 2014)

10 pdf worksheets below based on a text about Spain's tourism statistics to end March 2014.

The worksheets are in various formats including jigsaw reading and several gap-fills, one of which is a grammar / transformation gap-fill (AQA style).

Obviously you wouldn't use all of these -- it's a matter of selecting the most appropriate ones for your students.