A Level Spanish resources on "man locked in cargo hold" news story

These resources are based on this news story on BBC Mundo:

There are several pdfs...

3 x tile activities, where the text is broken down into 8, 15 and 24 tiles. These can be either numbered or cut out and shuffled into the correct order.

A multiple choice sequence activity - choose from the 3 options to rebuild the story.

4 x gapfill activities. 1 with word list; 1 based on context only (mainly small words, prepositions etc); 1 transformation gap-fill (similar to the ones on some AS papers); 1 clause length gap-fill.

An anagram text activity, requiring students to rewrite the whole text by unscrambling anagrams.

Here is the Mix&Gap file used to print all of the above. It contains 18 interactive activities (but requires you to have TaskMagic3).
And here are the pdfs, in no particular order.