TaskMagic Tutorial - (2) Creating your own exercises in Text Match

This post contains a series of video tutorials on creating Text Match exercises in TaskMagic3.

1. General: Creating Text Match exercises

FAQ: Are there any step-by-step instructions that I can use to help me create my own TaskMagic exercises?

Answer: There are now. See the video below, which demonstrates how easy it is to create Text Match exercises in TaskMagic3:

2. Enabling and disabling specific exercises

Enabling and disabling specific games and exercises in Text Match. See also this post on a related theme: http://taskmagic.posthaven.com/being-selective-jumbled-words-activities-in-t

3. Creating individual exercise files

Creating individual exercise files in Text Match (in addition to the main file with the front page and exercise thumbnails as featured in the videos above). See this post on a related theme: http://taskmagic.posthaven.com/creating-separate-files-for-individual-games

4. Using Data Import to import data from existing TaskMagic files

Data Import allows you to use text from other Text Match, Picture Match and Sound Match files in the Text Match file that you are working on. It's a quick way of recycling data from other exercises.

5. Using Quick Input to input data from external sources

Quick Input in Text Match allows you to import whole lists of (up to hundreds of) matching text items from external sources such as word docs, excel spreadsheets, quia, quizlet and other online flashcard sites. See this related post: http://taskmagic.posthaven.com/using-quick-input-to-import-vocab-lists-in-ta

6. Extra bits and pieces on the Text Match edit screen

A quick run-through of some of the other features on the Text Match edit screen, such as switching columns, switching left and right items, moving and deleting items, accents.

7. An introduction to printing worksheets in Text Match

How to access the worksheets screen in Text Match, an introduction to worksheet printing, and information on how to save worksheets as pdf files using doPDF: http://www.dopdf.com

See the posts on the TaskMagic blog filed under "Worksheets".

8. Text Match worksheets, part 1

The worksheets available in Text Match, part 1: Matching, Multi-Match, Pelmanism, Type.

See the posts on the TaskMagic blog filed under "Worksheets".

9. Text Match worksheets, part 2

The worksheets available in Text Match, part 2: Snake, Dominoes, Jumbled Words.

See the posts on the TaskMagic blog filed under "Worksheets".

For more information on the Text Match component of TaskMagic3, go to http://www.mdlsoft.co.uk/textmatch.htm

You can get a free 30-day trial of TaskMagic, which will allow you to make your own TaskMagic resources, from http://www.mdlsoft.co.uk/trialdownloads.htm (No registration is required - just download it, install it, and start using it!)

If you've previously had a trial of TaskMagic3 and would like to trial it again, that's now possible by arrangement. See the above link, and click on the email contact on that page to contact us to request an extra trial for your school.



4 responses
I love Task Magic and would like to be able to set it on Google Classroom - is this possible? Thanks!
Hi Catherine. You can post links in Google Classroom to a file location where you have a TaskMagic file that you want your students to access. But they'll need to have a Windows PC with TaskMagicPlay installed (licensed if in school, home use version if at home) in order to access it.
Thank you. Our students have iPads. Is there any way they can access it on iPads? I would love this possibility!
No, I'm afraid not. It's for Windows only :(