TaskMagic3 / A*ttitudes A Level French Sample: 'Voyages, transport et tourisme' (Samples)

At the bottom of this post you will find a link to download a free standalone TaskMagic program (which does NOT require TaskMagic) containing sample files from unit 1 of the new A*ttitudes AS level French course from www.alevelfrench.com

The samples in the standalone program are

just a handful of those which accompany the Voyages, transport et tourisme unit at www.alevelfrench.com

A*ttitudes is a new, innovative AS level course. 12 topics are covered in all with intensive, integrated practice of all skills:
Les voyages, le tourisme; La jeunesse; L'éducation; Le genre; La santé; Les traditions; Les loisirs; Les rapports; Le monde du travail; L'environnement; Le sport; La publicité.

You just have to see the course to appreciate how comprehensive and pedagogically sound it is.

Email Steve Glover at alevelfrench@googlemail.com for free access to the first unit, and to find out more about this exciting new approach to teaching AS and A2 French.

TaskMagic3 files are currently being created to accompany all units of the course.

The download below contains 10 TaskMagic3 files, which are accessed via a simple menu screen.

Each of the 10 TaskMagic3 files contains a variety of exercises, games and activities which can be used on individual computers or on an interactive whiteboard.

In total the downloaded program contains over 150 interactive exercises and over 50 worksheets based on the 10 TaskMagic3 files.

The download is completely free and not time limited. It does NOT require you to have TaskMagic.

It is intended to give you an idea of the kinds of things that can be done easily in TaskMagic3, using your own content (your coursebook, schemes of work etc), as well as to give you a taster of the way TaskMagic3 files work along with the A*ttitudes AS French course.

>>>> Download the TaskMagic Sample Unit as a zip file <<<<

1. Click on the link, choose "Save", and decide where to save the zip file.

2. Once it is downloaded "Open" the file. (If you are asked to confirm this, choose "Allow")

3. Then "Extract All the Files". Make sure the box to "Show extracted files" is ticked. This will make sure that the folder will open once the files are extracted.

4. Run the file TMAttitudes1Sample.exe (which is the one with the yellow smiley face, if you can't see file extensions).

You can move these files to wherever you like, but keep the 3 elements (TMAttitudes1Sample.exe, TMAttitudes1Sample.exe.manifest, filesetc) together in the same folder.

If you'd like to have a go at making your own TaskMagic files, you can download a 30 day trial from http://www.mdlsoft.co.uk/trialdownloads.htm

NB. The main TaskMagic program doesn't make standalone exe packages like the download on this page - it makes files which can be accessed using the TaskMagic software.

See hundreds of ready-made TaskMagic files at http://www.mdlsoft.co.uk/readymade.htm (you'll need TaskMagic3 - trial or licensed - to access the files on this link)

If you already have TaskMagic3 and would just like to access the files from the above download, you can access them individually on the TaskMagic website at http://www.mdlsoft.co.uk/readymade.htm#fryr12attitudes

Hope you enjoy this freebie. If you have any comments, questions or feedback, please contact us via the contact page on the TaskMagic3 website: http://www.mdlsoft.co.uk/contact.htm or email mdlsoft@mdlsoft.co.uk