Text Match exercises - what to match? (2) Sentences with gaps

Text Match is probably the most used component of TaskMagic and can be used in so many different ways...

This series of blog posts - "Text Match exercises - what to match?" - explores some ideas for the kinds of things that teachers can use as the basis for their text matching exercises. Each blog post contains screenshots of - and links to - interactive exercises as well as worksheets which can be viewed online, downloaded, printed etc. (SCROLL DOWN FOR THE WORKSHEETS)

It's easy to make gap exercises based on phrases on any topic, by typing a gap in the sentence on the left using the undescore key, and typing in the missing word(s) on the right.

See the Text Match edit screen below:

The example above uses 14 short French phrases from the topic of daily routine. Each phrase has a gap on the left, with the missing word(s) on the right. The file could just as easily contain just 5 or 6 items, or many more items.

It's a good idea to make each gap the same size, so that students can't work out the answer based simply on the length of the gap. I usually use 3 underscore characters for each gap, so that each gap looks like this ___. The important thing to remember is that the gaps must be exclusive, so that there is only one possible word (or group of words) which can fit into each gap. Be aware that the more items you include in this type of exercise, the more difficult it becomes to ensure that each gap is exclusive.

See the range of activities on the menu screen below, all generated automatically based on the above items:

So that's 22 interactive games and exercises based on the same info. The Drag & Match screen (below) is just one of the exercises available.

And the following worksheets are all generated automatically based on the same items.


Fr Gaps Routine Matching 


Fr Gaps Routine Multi Match 

Pairs Cards

Fr Gaps Routine Pairs Cards 


Fr Gaps Routine Write 


Fr Gaps Routine Snake   

Snake (Solution)

Fr Gaps Routine Snake Solution 


Fr Gaps Routine Dominoes          

See the Text Match page on the TaskMagic3 website for details of all of the interactive exercises and worksheets available in the Text Match component of TaskMagic3 (including notes on the level of difficulty of the various activities, suggestions for use in class etc).

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See this video tutorial on creating Text Match files in TaskMagic3:

See these extensive video tutorials on all aspects of creating Text Match exercises.