Text Match exercises - what to match? (4) Question & answer

Text Match is probably the most used component of TaskMagic and can be used in so many different ways...

This series of blog posts - "Text Match exercises - what to match?" - explores some ideas for the kinds of things that teachers can use as the basis for their text matching exercises. Each blog post contains screenshots of - and links to - interactive exercises as well as worksheets which can be viewed online, downloaded, printed etc. (SCROLL DOWN FOR THE WORKSHEETS)

It's easy to make Q + A exercises based on on any topic, by typing a question on the left and the answer on on the right.

There are a couple of ways you can do this, with slightly different implications.

Compare the 2 input screens below:

The questions are the same for each version, but the 2nd one has short answers rather than whole sentences. This is probably better for testing understanding of the question, whereas the form with the full answer is better when the focus is on producing a written answer. (Obviously!)

Both versions can be used to produce a whole range of exercises. The small thumbnails in the images below represent available games & exercises:

The short answer version, as I said previously, is good for testing understanding of the question. See the screenshots and worksheets below:

The version with the full sentence answer can also be used where the focus is on matching, but additionally it is better suited to exercises based on ordering or typing in the missing information. See the examples below:

The above TaskMagic3 TextMatch files can be downloaded from here:

Question + long answer.
Question + short answer.

If you don't have TaskMagic3, you can get a 30 day trial from http://www.mdlsoft.co.uk/trialdownloads.htm

There are hundreds of ready-made TaskMagic3 files at http://www.mdlsoft.co.uk/readymade.htm

Go to the Text Match page of the TaskMagic website for lots more information about the Text Match component of TaskMagic3, including ideas and suggestions for using the different exercise types, as well as links to short screen capture videos.

See this video tutorial on getting started with Text Match:

SEE THESE DETAILED VIDEO TUTORIALS on all aspects of creating your own Text Match files in TaskMagic3 (creating interactive exercises and worksheets).