Cendrillon / Cinderella (ks3/4 resources)

Some resources based on a French story in parallel text form, one of the many fabulous free resources available on  frenchteacher.net : www.frenchteacher.net/free-resources/samples/ -- It really is worth subscribing for full access to 100s (1000s?) of French printable resources for all levels. (I'm sure many of you do already :)

I'd already made TaskMagic resources based on this story a while ago. I've merged these into the pdf "fr_cendrillon_text_merged.pdf" below, which contains 10 separate activities based on the story. The "Find the French" activity can be exported as a separate Text Match file, from which you can then print more resources. I've merged these into the pdf "fr_cendrillon_vocab_merged.pdf" below. Then the other day Steve Smith of frenchtecher.net (@spsmith45) tweeted a link to the same story in French and English, and suggested it would work well in textivate. (Which it does. See: textivate.posthaven.com/cendrillon-cinderella )

This made me rethink the original resources, and I saved the original Mix and Gap file under a different name and redid the "Find the French" activity, this time matching the full sentences from the text rather than short phrases or vocab items. See the pdf "fr_cendrillon_findfrench_sentences.pdf" below.
I then exported this as a new Text Match file and printed the sentence matching worksheets, which I think work really well: "fr_cendrillon_sentences_merged.pdf"
Far too many resources for you to even think about using all of them, but you have a selection to choose from. Hope somebody finds these useful.

(The TM3 files are also included below. You need TaskMagic3 to access these.)