Exploiting a text - Spanish - En la cafetería

Lots of pdf worksheets below based on a simple Spanish text about food and drink in a cafeteria.

The pdfs can be accessed and printed by anyone.
If you don't want to print them, you can use them in full screen mode with your projector / IWB (if you have one). (You can also copy the text and paste it into Word, for example, if you want to resize components and put more than one exercise on one page.)

There are 9 pdfs based on the text itself:

1. Put the 15 tiles of text into the correct order

2. Put the 24 tiles of text into the correct order

3. Multiple choice reconstruction (1 in 3)

4. Gap-fill with a word list provided

5. Inserting the spaces and punctuation back into the text

6. Unscrambling the letters of each word - whole text anagrammed

7. Find the Spanish for the English prompts

8. Write in the gaps, with no prompts, based only on context

9. Fill the long gaps in the text using the blocks of text listed below

These 9 pdfs were printed from Mix and Gap in TaskMagic3. Here is a link to the Mix&Gap file (mtx3) for those who have TaskMagic3 (if not, you can get a free trial from http://www.mdlsoft.co.uk/trialdownloads.htm). NB. the Mix&Gap file is about 1MB in size as it contains audio for the text. It contains about 18 interactive exercises. (See http://www.mdlsoft.co.uk/mixandgap.htm for more info on Mix&Gap in TaskMagic3.)

SEE THESE DETAILED VIDEO TUTORIALS on making your own Mix and Gap files to exploit texts of all sorts in TaskMagic3.

I also made a Text Match file based on the elements used for the find the Spanish exercise above. Here is a link to the Text Match file (mdl3), which requires TaskMagic3. It provides access to about 20 interactive exercises. (See http://www.mdlsoft.co.uk/textmatch.htm for more info on Text Match in TaskMagic3.)

I've also included 3 pdf files printed from this Text Match file:
1. Matching the English and Spanish

2. Write in the Spanish

3. Dominoes

SEE THESE DETAILED VIDEO TUTORIALS on making your own Text Match files in TaskMagic3.

See this short video tutorial on how to create your own Text Match exercises:

The TaskMagic3 files above are 2 of the 16 files included in the free software based on TaskMagic3 (BUT does NOT require you to have TaskMagic3) available to anyone at: http://taskmagic.posthaven.com/taskmagic3-spanish-sample-unit-en-la-cafeteri
The software is a self-contained unit intended to teach food and drink items, asking for things, numbers and prices etc etc.