French modal verbs and question forming

Some French resources you may find useful for question forming using "est-ce que". The examples all use modal verbs - so any infinitive can be added to make a complete question. But the same structure would also apply to questions in present and other tenses.

I read an interesting blog post about the fact that language learners are used to answering questions but not so used to asking them. See:

7 pdfs below. I've also included the TaskMagic3 TextMatch file (mdl3) from which these resources were printed (using doPDF - This mdl3 file requires TaskMagic3 (licensed, trial, PGCE or home-use versions) and provides access to 22 interactive games and exercises which recycle the same content in different ways and at different levels of challenge, and which can be used with PCs or an IWB or projector.

See for details of the sorts of games etc available in TextMatch, and which you could create yourself in a matter of minutes.


See this video tutorial on getting started with Text Match:

SEE THESE DETAILED VIDEO TUTORIALS on all aspects of creating your own Text Match files in TaskMagic3 (creating interactive exercises and worksheets).