French: New Year's Resolutions - resources for KS3/4

The resources in this post are based on a file on NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS in FRENCH, which was sent to the mflresources forum in January 2011 (I think - thank you to the original sender.)

The contents for the resources are:- Je vais...- Je ne vais pas...
- J'ai l'intention de...
- Je vais essayer de...
+ a range of infinitive expressions

The resources are appropriate for KS3 or KS4 pupils as a way of practising the simple future within the context of the New Year.

There are 11 pdf files in all, all printed using dopdf -

Some of the pdfs are based on a Mix and Gap file containing the list of infinitive expressions, which is also included (mtx3). The rest of the pdfs are based on a Text Match file (also included, mdl3) containing the sentence starters (Je vais.. etc.) plus vocabulary from the sentences in the Mix and Gap file. These files provide access to a wide variety of interactive exercises for use with PCs or with an interactive whiteboard. They require TaskMagic3. If you haven't got TaskMagic3, you can download a 30-day trial from the TaskMagic website (doesn't require registration or anything - just download and install it).

If you've previously trialled TM3 and would like to trial it again, that's now possible by arrangement. Also, if you'd like to arrange a longer trial period, that's now possible too. See the information at the bottom of the page at

See these extensive video tutorials on how to exploit your own text (song, poem, story, news article etc) using the Mix and Gap component of TaskMagic, and these video turorials on creating your own resources with Text Match.


The Mix&Gap file (requires TM3):

The TextMatch file (requires TM3):