Holiday postcard - camping (French) - lots of resources

These resources are based on a short holiday postcard text in French, from someone [with a strange voice] on a camping holiday in the countryside. Good practice of present tense and also likes and dislikes (+ infinitive).

The image shows the Mix&Gap front screen in TaskMagic3 (the screen thumbnails represent the available interactive exercises).

The TaskMagic3 file (mtx3 - requires TaskMagic3) provides access to multiple interactive exercises, as well as loads of worksheets. It has an embedded audio file so students can listen as they complete the exercises. (Some strange sound effects on the audio...)

The 12 worksheets available for this TaskMagic3 file are also included. They were printed directly to pdf using doPDF - from - which adds the facility to print to pdf to your printers list and works with all of your programs.



See this video tutorial on getting started with Mix and Gap and an introduction to the automatically generated exercises in Mix and Gap:

See this video tutorial which gives a brief introduction to the 7 non-auto-generated exercises in Mix and Gap:

SEE THESE DETAILED VIDEO TUTORIALS on all aspects of creating your own Mix and Gap files to exploit all sorts of texts in TaskMagic3 (by creating interactive exercises and worksheets).