Exploiting a text - Spanish - En la cafetería

Lots of pdf worksheets below based on a simple Spanish text about food and drink in a cafeteria.

The pdfs can be accessed and printed by anyone.
If you don't want to print them, you can use them in full screen mode with your projector / IWB (if you have one). (You can also copy the text and paste it into Word, for example, if you want to resize components and put more than one exercise on one page.)

There are 9 pdfs based on the text itself:

TaskMagic3 Spanish Sample Unit - En la cafetería - Free download

At the bottom of this post you will find a link to download a free standalone TaskMagic program containing a unit of work in Spanish on ordering food and drink in a cafeteria. The level is ideal for older primary school children, but it will also work well with older children working at a fairly low level or in need of revision. There is a fairly wide range of difficulty within the various exercises in the unit.

The download contains 16 TaskMagic3 files, which are accessed via a simple menu screen.

Spanish poem / conditional resources - Instantes

One of the many improvements in TaskMagic3 is the fact that you can make exercises based on text on separate lines, such as poems, letters, songs, paragraphs etc., rather than just a continuous chunk of text.

The resources on this page are based on the poem Instantes, widely attributed to Jorge Luis Borges, but apparently not by him. The same approach can be used for any poem, short story, nursery rhyme, song etc. You can even add a sound file to the interactive exercises.

The resources below were