A*ttitudes "Dissert" for AS French - DEMO

Scroll down for a link to download a completely free Windows desktop program with lots of interactive exercises and worksheets based on a sample essay on "l'éducation".

Writing essays to order for an examination is a skill which is not easy to acquire within the short time available at AS level. A*ttitudes "Dissert" is designed to hone your students' essay writing skills from the word go in the AS year, giving them the systematic practice required to gain a high grade within two terms.

The TaskMagic A*ttitudes "Dissert" program is one component of the A*ttitudes "Dissert" resource and contains activities based on the 12 thematic units from the A*ttitudes course from www.alevelfrench.com, which are...

(1) Voyages, vacances, tourisme
(2) Les jeunes, la jeunesse
(3) L'éducation
(4) Le genre - les hommes et les femmes
(5) La santé
(6) Les traditions
(7) Les loisirs
(8) Les rapports entre les gens
(9) Le monde du travail
(10) L'environnement
(11) Le sport
(12) La publicité

Each unit contains three sample essays demonstrating different ways of approaching the same question. For each of the 36 sample essays, the TaskMagic resource provides interactive and print exercises which practise key vocabulary and phrases, text sequencing, gap-filling and text reconstruction in a variety of ways.

This demo contains interactive exercises and worksheets based on just one of the 36 sample essays which make up the full resource, listed in roughly increasing order of difficulty.

Email Steve Glover at alevelfrench@googlemail.com to find out more about the A*ttitudes course and the "Dissert" resource.

Download the "Dissert" DEMO as a zip file

1. Click on the link, choose "Save", and decide where to save the zip file.
2. Once it is downloaded "Open" the file. (If you are asked to confirm this, choose "Allow")
3. Then "Extract All the Files". Make sure the box to "Show extracted files" is ticked. This will make sure that the folder will open once the files are extracted.
4. Run the file attitudesdissertdemo.exe (which is the one with the yellow smiley face, if you can't see file extensions).
You can move these files to wherever you like, but keep the 3 elements (attitudesdissertdemo.exe, attitudesdissertdemo.exe.manifest, filesetc) together in the same folder.

The menu screen with links to 34 exercises:

Small screenshots of the interactive exercises:


Lots more info about TaskMagic at http://www.mdlsoft.co.uk