AQA AS style cloze exercises using TaskMagic3

There's a pdf cloze exercise below based on an article from BBC Mundo. It requires students to put a verb or adjective into the correct form according to the context, just like one of the exercises on the AQA AS exam.

The other file is a TaskMagic3 individual exercise file (_tx3). You'll need version 3.2 or later of TaskMagic to open this. It opens directly to

Splitting TaskMagic3 files into individual games and activities.

When you create a TaskMagic3 file, remember that, in most cases, you are creating lots of different exercises.

Similarly, when you see a link to download a TaskMagic3 file, remember that this one file provides access to lots of different games and exercises. It's not just one game or activity.

It's easy to forget this. I sometimes come across