Spanish "desempleo" resources (based on BBC Mundo article)

These resources are based on a short news story on BBC Mundo about Spain's unemployment statistics: 
The TaskMagic3 file (mtx3) provides access to 18 interactive exercises and requires TaskMagic3.
The image shows the Mix & Gap front page for the file in TaskMagic3, with the little screen thumbnails showing links to the various interactive exercises.
All of the other files are pdf worksheets which anyone can use, print off, view on-screen, or using an interactive whiteboard or data projector (or even an ipad :0). The pdfs were printed from the TaskMagic3 Mix & Gap worksheets screen, using a free piece of software called dopdf - - which adds a "print to pdf" feature to your printers list and can be used with any application.

It takes a matter of minutes to create resources such as these based on any short piece of text. You simply paste in the text and then create a few extra activities such as gap-fills. See this video tutorial for lots more info: