Spanish poem / conditional resources - Instantes

One of the many improvements in TaskMagic3 (compared with previous versions) is the fact that you can make exercises based on text on separate lines, such as poems, letters, songs, paragraphs etc., rather than just a continuous chunk of text.

The resources on this page are based on the poem Instantes, widely attributed to Jorge Luis Borges, but apparently not by him. The same approach can be used for any poem, short story, nursery rhyme, song etc. You can even add a sound file to the interactive exercises.

The resources below were created using the Mix and Gap component of TaskMagic3. Below you will find screenshots of TaskMagic3 interactive exercises interpsersed with example worksheets, which you can view, download, print etc.

Using Find it! - beyond simple "Find the French" activities.

This post will take a quick look at a couple of extra ways of using the Find it! feature of Mix and Gap in TaskMagic.

The most usual (and easiest) way of using Find it! is as a simple "Find the French / German / Spanish" exercise, where you set prompts in English for

the words or phrases you want the students to find in the TL text. The benefit of this is that it's easy to