Value for money... (2)

(Following on from this blog post)

Or, to look at it a different way...

A TaskMagic3 10 user licence is like MFL-focused interactive whiteboard software for a dept of up to 10 teachers (or share it outside the dept, why not?) for less than £25 per teacher.

AND that's a ONE-OFF payment. NOT a subscription.

AND it prints off a whole load of worksheets too.

(And because it isn't web-based, you don't need to rely on an internet connection :)


Prices, licences, order info


Exploiting texts

Making match-up games and activites for PCs and IWB

Making literacy and text-reconstruction resources based on texts

Making verb conjugation games for PC / IWB (and worksheets too)

Making picture and text match-up games for your IWB

Ready-made TaskMagic3 resources (for those who have TM3)


Value for money... (1)

The average UK secondary school has about 900 pupils.

That means that the average cost per pupil of buying a school licence for TaskMagic3 is about 45p.

And that's for a perpetual licence. So if you use TaskMagic for, say, the next 4 years, it works out at just over 11p per pupil per year.

And that includes the ability to create a wide variety of engaging interactive resources for use with interactive whiteboards or projectors, or with suites of PCs or school laptops, as well as a wide range of worksheets....

...for all ages:  KS2, KS3, KS4, 16+

...and for many languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, Indonesian, English (etc. most roman script languages) well as for non-language subjects, especially (but not only) for SEN and literacy work.

11p per pupil per year - based on average sized school buying a site licence and using it for 4 years.

And an upgrade to TaskMagic3 costs half the non-upgrade price.

So OK, TaskMagic only works on Windows computers, not Macs. Not on ipads*. But you can't argue with those prices, can you?

[*By the way, a licence to use TaskMagic3 on every computer in the school costs roughly the same as one  (1) ipad.]