Value for money... (2)

(Following on from this blog post)

Or, to look at it a different way...

A TaskMagic3 10 user licence is like MFL-focused interactive whiteboard software for a dept of up to 10 teachers (or share it outside the dept, why not?) for less than £25 per teacher.

AND that's a ONE-OFF payment. NOT a subscription.

AND it prints off a whole load of worksheets too.

(And because it isn't web-based, you don't need to rely on an internet connection :)


Prices, licences, order info


Exploiting texts

Making match-up games and activites for PCs and IWB

Making literacy and text-reconstruction resources based on texts

Making verb conjugation games for PC / IWB (and worksheets too)

Making picture and text match-up games for your IWB

Ready-made TaskMagic3 resources (for those who have TM3)