A bad school day (GCSE French Essay)

The pdfs below are based on 1 GCSE essay about a bad school day in French.

They were printed from the GCSE French Writing Focus software at:

The free (non-time-limited) demo includes the above essay, broken down into 3 separate parts, plus the full essay (the pdfs are from the full essay).

Each section (the separate parts of the essay and the full essay) has about 40 interactive activities, based on the text itself as well as on selected vocab and structures.

There are 16 essays in total in the full version (which needs to be registered). (So that's over 2500 interactive activities in total, plus 100s of worksheets.)

Download the demo and have a play. It's completely free, and you don't even need to install it (just download it and run it). You don't need to have TaskMagic to access this resource, as it has it's own version of TaskMagic built in.

GCSE French Writing Focus - sample essays for controlled assessments & coursework

Scroll down for a link to download a completely free Windows desktop program with lots of interactive exercises and worksheets based on a sample GCSE French essay on the topic of "A bad school day".

The resource can be used with interactive whiteboards or with individual computers (Windows only) and can be installed on the school network.

The downloaded is actually a non-time-limited demo of a full resource containing 16 essays, with free access to 1 of those 16 essays.