Ton Christ est juif (French resources based on a short poem)

I was reminded of this poem today when I followed a link from @MarieFrance on Twitter to this post on her blog: (which also has a link to a previous lesson / blog post with great ideas for teaching nationality, possessive adjectives and adjectival agreement, as well as a bit of citizenship...)

Anyway, as well as the poem and the link to the previous resources, there was also a link to a TaskMagic2 Text Match file. This really brought home to me a major improvement in TaskMagic3 compared with previous versions: in earlier versions of TaskMagic, any text that you put into Mix&Gap would be converted into one block of text, so it wasn't really possible to make exercises based on formatted text such as letters, recipes, songs, poems etc. TaskMagic3 makes it possible to create all sorts of interactive and printed resources based on these kinds of texts, as you'll see from the resources posted here.

There are several pdf files, all printed using dopdf -

Many of the pdfs are based on a Mix and Gap file containing the text, which is also included (mtx3). This file provides a wide variety of interactive exercises for use with PCs or with an interactive whiteboard. It requires TaskMagic3. If you haven't got TaskMagic3, you can download a 30-day trial from the TaskMagic website (doesn't require registration or anything - just download and install it).

There are also resources based on 2 Text Match files: one matching English and French, and one matching the beginning and end of each line of the poem (this is a TaskMagic3 version of Marie-France's TM2 file on her blog). The Text Match files (mdl3) are included, as well as a variety of pdf worksheets.

If you've previously trialled TM3 and would like to trial it again, that's now possible by arrangement. Also, if you'd like to arrange a longer trial period, that's now possible too. See the information at the bottom of the page at

See this video tutorial on getting started with Mix and Gap and an introduction to the automatically generated exercises in Mix and Gap:

See this video tutorial which gives a brief introduction to the 7 non-auto-generated exercises in Mix and Gap:

SEE THESE DETAILED VIDEO TUTORIALS on all aspects of creating your own Mix and Gap files to exploit all sorts of texts in TaskMagic3 (by creating interactive exercises and worksheets).