French Christmas resources - Noël en France (exploiting a short text)

These resources are based on a short text about Christmas in France, which I think came originally from

There are 11 pdf files in all, all printed using dopdf -

The pdfs are based on a Mix and Gap file containing the text, which is also included below (mtx3). This file provides a wide variety of interactive exercises for use with PCs or with an interactive whiteboard. It requires TaskMagic3. If you haven't got TaskMagic3, you can download a 30-day trial from the TaskMagic website (doesn't require registration or anything - just download and install it).

If you've previously trialled TM3 and would like to trial it again, that's now possible. Also, if you'd like to arrange a longer trial period, that's now possible too. See the information at the bottom of the page at

The screenshot above shows the student front page for the file in TaskMagicPlay. In TaskMagic, each of the little thumbnails links to a different interactive exercise.

Here is the Mix&Gap file (requires TaskMagic3):

And here are the pdf worksheets:

Un mensaje de Papá Noel a los niños

The resources in this blog post are based on the text of this video: 
It's a crisis-busting message from Father Christmas, in the form of a short letter addressed to the children of the world.

There are 17 pdf files -- 11 based on the text of the letter and 6 based on the vocab. These can be accessed by anybody, either printed or used on-screen. (See below)

(Obviously you won't want to use ALL of these pdf files -- I've provided a selection so you can choose the most appropriate ones for your needs.)

I've also included the TaskMagic3 files from which the pdfs were printed:
(Both of these files require a version of TaskMagic3 - trial, licensed or home version)

Here are all those worksheets, in no particular order: