On parle français (ER conjugation in context)

The pdf below contains 14 activities based on a short text demonstrating all parts of "parler" in the present tense. (10 based on the text and 4 based on the vocab).

They're all based on this text:

Je parle français un peu. Je parle français avec mon ami Max. Il parle français très bien. Nous parlons français ensemble.

Ma mère parle français aussi. Elle parle avec ma soeur. Elles parlent français ensemble.

Et toi? Tu parles français? Et tes parents? Ils parlent français? Et toi et tes parents... vous parlez français ensemble?

It should be suitable for year 7, don't you think?

The pdf worksheets were printed from TaskMagic3. The TaskMagic3 files are also included, and require TaskMagic3. The mtx3 file is a Mix and Gap file. The mdl3 file is a Text Match file.

Cendrillon / Cinderella (ks3/4 resources)

Some resources based on a French story in parallel text form, one of the many fabulous free resources available on  frenchteacher.net : www.frenchteacher.net/free-resources/samples/ -- It really is worth subscribing for full access to 100s (1000s?) of French printable resources for all levels. (I'm sure many of you do already :)

I'd already made TaskMagic resources based on this story a while ago. I've merged these into the pdf "fr_cendrillon_text_merged.pdf" below, which contains 10 separate activities based on the story.

ITALIAN -- comparing towns (resources)

The resources below are based on a short text translated from French into Italian (by Monna Brown -- thanks Monna:)
The text compares two towns.

There's only one pdf, but it's made up of 10 separate single-page activities, printed from a TaskMagic3 Mix&Gap file. I've also included this Mix&Gap file (.mtx3), which provides access to about 20 interactive exercises (but requires you to have TaskMagic3).

Hope these are useful to somebody.

ALLER (French pres tense) in context

The resources below are based on a short text featuring all parts of aller in the present tense, along with a few modes of transport, within the context of talking about how you go to school.

There are 11 worksheets based on the text itself and 5 based on the vocab. These were printed from TaskMagic3 (Mix&Gap and TextMatch) using http://www.dopdf.com , and combined as 2 pdfs with lots of pages using http://foxyutils.com/mergepdf/

Of course, you would NOT do ALL of these activities, but I've included them all so that you can see what is available.
I've also included the original Mix&Gap (mtx3) and TextMatch (mdl3) files, both of which require TaskMagic3. The images show the variety of activities in each of the TaskMagic3 files.

Talleres de explotación laboral (sweatshops)

Lots of Spanish resources, suitable for good GCSE groups but also for AS, based on a fairly short text about sweatshops.

The pdfs were printed from TaskMagic3 (Mix&Gap and TextMatch) using http://www.dopdf.com , and combined as 2 pdfs with lots of pages using http://foxyutils.com/mergepdf/ - the "text" pdf contains 11 worksheets and the "vocab" pdf contains 5.

I've also attached the Mix&Gap file (mtx3, based on the text, with access to about 20 interactive exercises) and the TextMatch file (mdl3, based on the vocab items, with access to over 20 interactive games and exercises) - both of these require TaskMagic3.

Exploiting a text for classroom use - French: le 11 novembre 1918, la fin de la « der des der »

The resources in this post are based on an article from 1jour1actu.com about 11th November 1918 http://1jour1actu.com/france/la_fin_de_la__der_des_der_/

There are 12 pdf files all based on the same text.

There is also the TaskMagic3 Mix&Gap file (mtx3) from which the pdfs were printed (using doPDF - http://www.dopdf.com), and which provides access to 18 interactive exercises for use with PCs and / or an IWB. This file requires TaskMagic3. (See http://www.mdlsoft.co.uk/mixandgap.htm for more info about the Mix&Gap component of TaskMagic3.)

The image shows the menu screen in TaskMagic with the 18 interactive exercises represented by a screen thumbnail.