French verb conjugation - regular ER, IR and RE verbs in the PRESENT tense

The resources in this post are based on French ER, IR and RE verbs in the present tense. The pdf files (and particularly the interactive exercises) provide loads of verb conjugation practice.

There are 4 pdf files in all, all printed using dopdf - - a matching exercise, write in the words, dominoes and a blank conjugation grid (which can be used for all sorts of exercises in class).

French - discussion & debate resources on "L'environnement" -- A level (advanced)

If you're looking for resources to help your advanced French students (A2 in the UK) with discussions / debates etc, check out the many resources available from . A while back I came across a word doc containing vocab and a variety of opinions on a whole range of A2 topics to help students to prepare for discussion.

I've taken this vocab and these discussion / opinion phrases and made them into a load of TaskMagic3 exercises. They're on the ready-made exercises page of the TaskMagic website at The many files available on this link require TaskMagic3. If you haven't got it, you can get a 30-day trial download from

I printed out a load of pdf worksheets from the TaskMagic3 files based on the 3 environment sub-sections of the word doc mentioned above (pages 4, 5 & 6). There are 19 pdf files in 3 groups of 6 (ie. 6 pdfs per text) + a vocab list (matching exercise).

French recipe resources (ratatouille)

Here are some resources that I made based on a recipe sent to the mflresources group earlier this year. (If you don't know this group, it really is worth joining - there are over 4000 members and lots of sharing of ideas and resources for language teachers.)

The resources are based on a recipe in French for ratatouille. (The same idea can be applied to any recipe, letter, poem, song, etc.)

There are 8 pdf files in all, all printed using dopdf -