Working with longer lists of vocab in Text Match

One of the many improvements in TaskMagic3 is the removal of the 16 item limit for matching exercises. TaskMagic files can now have hundreds (in fact up to 10,000) items in one file. This means you can now import entire vocab lists into one Text Match file (see this post for more details), but you can also input lists of more than 16 items manually.

The same principle

applies to

Using Find it! - beyond simple "Find the French" activities.

This post will take a quick look at a couple of extra ways of using the Find it! feature of Mix and Gap in TaskMagic.

The most usual (and easiest) way of using Find it! is as a simple "Find the French / German / Spanish" exercise, where you set prompts in English for

the words or phrases you want the students to find in the TL text. The benefit of this is that it's easy to