L'exercice physique - short GCSE text with lots of pdfs

Short GCSE practice text taken from this fab pdf on rewardinglearning with absolutely loads of GCSE French vocab and grammar practice:

Below you will find tons of pdfs printed from TaskMagic3, based on the one short text:
  • 3 x tile reconstruction - number in order or cut out and reorder.
  • 1 x multi-choice sequencing.
  • 1 x separate the words.
  • 1 x anagram text.
  • 1 x find the French.
  • 5 x gapfills: 1 with word list; 1 multi-choice; 1 context-only gapfill; 1 present tense verb transform gapfill; 1 with long gaps. These all test students in different ways.

And an additional 5 pdfs based on vocab taken from the text:
  • 1 x matching.
  • 1 x multi-choice matching.
  • 1 x pairs cards.
  • 1 x write the French.
  • 1 x dominoes.

You'd have to be completely mad to use all of these with your students. Select a few as appropriate. I've included them all to show you the full range of possibilities. (The only activity I haven't included is the multi-choice reading comprehension.)

If you have TaskMagic3, you'll be able to access these TaskMagic3 files:

Here are the pdfs, in no particular order:

A Level Spanish resources on "man locked in cargo hold" news story

These resources are based on this news story on BBC Mundo:

There are several pdfs...

3 x tile activities, where the text is broken down into 8, 15 and 24 tiles. These can be either numbered or cut out and shuffled into the correct order.

A multiple choice sequence activity - choose from the 3 options to rebuild the story.

4 x gapfill activities. 1 with word list; 1 based on context only (mainly small words, prepositions etc); 1 transformation gap-fill (similar to the ones on some AS papers); 1 clause length gap-fill.

An anagram text activity, requiring students to rewrite the whole text by unscrambling anagrams.

Here is the Mix&Gap file used to print all of the above. It contains 18 interactive activities (but requires you to have TaskMagic3).
And here are the pdfs, in no particular order.

Text Match exercises - what to match? (5) Sentence halves

Text Match is probably the most used component of TaskMagic and can be used in so many different ways...

This series of blog posts - "Text Match exercises - what to match?" - explores some ideas for the kinds of things that teachers can use as the basis for their text matching exercises. Each blog post contains screenshots of - and links to - interactive exercises as well as worksheets which can be viewed online, downloaded, printed etc. (SCROLL DOWN FOR THE WORKSHEETS)

The key thing to remember when making matching activities based on matching sentence halves is that the matches have to be exclusive - i.e. you must make sure that there is only one sentence end that could possibly go with each sentence starter. It's no good making a resource based on the following data:

Je fais partie d'un club >> de foot
Je fais partie d'un club >> de tennis
Je fais partie d'un club >> de rugby

...because any of the end can match perfectly well with any of the starters.

Instead, you need to do this sort of thing:

Je fais partie d'un club de >> foot
Je fais partie d'un club >> de tennis
Je fais partie d'un >> club de rugby

...so that each match is exclusive.

The resources in this blog post are based on 16 sentences on the above topic in French.

New TaskMagic Website

We've recently updated the TaskMagic website to give it a new fresher appearance.

Each of the 8 activity group pages has its own image gallery allowing you to view screenshots of all of the TaskMagic3 screens.

One big change is to the way ready-made exercises are accessed: we've now added them to dropbox. This means that it's much simpler for us to add, remove and edit ready-made content. It also means that users can copy or download individual files or entire folders. N.B. You don't need a dropbox account to access these files, but if you haven't already got a dropbox account, we'd highly recommend that you get one. (If you haven't got a dropbox account, click here to sign up to dropbox for free.)

We hope you like the changes.


Un mensaje de Papá Noel a los niños

The resources in this blog post are based on the text of this video: 
It's a crisis-busting message from Father Christmas, in the form of a short letter addressed to the children of the world.

There are 17 pdf files -- 11 based on the text of the letter and 6 based on the vocab. These can be accessed by anybody, either printed or used on-screen. (See below)

(Obviously you won't want to use ALL of these pdf files -- I've provided a selection so you can choose the most appropriate ones for your needs.)

I've also included the TaskMagic3 files from which the pdfs were printed:
(Both of these files require a version of TaskMagic3 - trial, licensed or home version)

Here are all those worksheets, in no particular order:

Bob est fatigué... - story with HF words etc.

This blogpost features a load of pdf files (15!) based on a simple story using lots of high frequency words, such as: 
tu dois
il doit
pourquoi est-ce que je dois...?
il veut
il ne veut pas
je veux
je ne veux pas
je ne veux rien faire 

The pdfs were printed from TaskMagic3 using doPDF.

You won't want to use all of the pdfs, of course. I've included them so you have a range to choose from. 10 of them are based on the story itself, and 5 are based on the vocab from the story. (See below)

The TaskMagic3 files are here too: (mtx3=Mix&Gap, see the image above; mdl3=TextMatch).
You need TaskMagic3 to access these. (Each one includes about 20 interactive exercises.)

And here are all those pdfs... :0)

Story with HF words: Necesita ir al baño...

Below you will find 11 pdf files based on a simple story in Spanish using lots of high frequency words, such as: puedo, no puedo, ¿puedo?, no puedes, tienes que, necesito, necesitas, necesitaba, quiero, quieres...

The pdfs were printed from TaskMagic3 using doPDF.

You won't want to use all of the pdfs, of course. (I've included them so you have a range to choose from.)

The TaskMagic3 file is here (mtx3):

(You need TaskMagic3 to access this. It includes 18 interactive exercises.)

Here are those 11 pdfs (in no particular order). Anybody can access these:

A World Cup match report (FRENCH GCSE?)

See the resources below -- mostly pdfs plus a TaskMagic3 Mix&Gap file. They're based on a short report of a match between England and Algeria from the last world cup. The report is in the past. The Find-the-French activity contains lots of key vocab for talking about a match in the past.

It only takes a few minutes to create your own resources like these based on any text. 

(The first link below is to the TaskMagic3 Mix&Gap file -- mtx3 -- with access to about 20 interactive activities.)
The worksheets are presented in no particular order:

Peppa cochon - l'anniversaire de Georges

Some resources below based on this Peppa Pig video in French:

Peppa Pig Cochon Français L'anniversaire De... por Zy-Video

The resources are based on a description of what happens in the story, rather than on the transcript of the video itself (although some bits of text are taken straight from the video).

What age / ability group would be able to cope with this, do you reckon?

There are 9 pdfs and a TaskMagic3 Mix&Gap file (mtx3 - requires TaskMagic3; provides access to 18 interactive activities), all based on the text.

With TaskMagic3 you can create your own resources like these based on any text in a matter of minutes.