French resources: "Licencié pour avoir... sauvé une vie!"

These French resources are based on a story about a lifeguard who was fired for saving a drowning man outside his allotted area of the beach.   

The TaskMagic3 file (mtx3) provides access to 18 interactive exercises and requires TaskMagic3.

GCSE French Writing Focus - sample essays for controlled assessments & coursework

Scroll down for a link to download a completely free Windows desktop program with lots of interactive exercises and worksheets based on a sample GCSE French essay on the topic of "A bad school day".

The resource can be used with interactive whiteboards or with individual computers (Windows only) and can be installed on the school network.

The downloaded is actually a non-time-limited demo of a full resource containing 16 essays, with free access to 1 of those 16 essays.

Ton Christ est juif (French resources based on a short poem)

I was reminded of this poem today when I followed a link from @MarieFrance on Twitter to this post on her blog: (which also has a link to a previous lesson / blog post with great ideas for teaching nationality, possessive adjectives and adjectival agreement, as well as a bit of citizenship...)

Anyway, as well as the poem and the link to the previous resources, there was also a link to a TaskMagic2 Text Match file. This really brought home to me a major improvement in TaskMagic3 compared with previous versions: in earlier versions of TaskMagic, any text that you put into Mix&Gap would be converted into one block of text, so it wasn't really possible to make exercises based on formatted text such as letters, recipes, songs, poems etc. TaskMagic3 makes it possible to create all sorts of interactive and printed resources based on these kinds of texts, as you'll see from the resources posted here.

French resources: "Catastrophes naturelles: Record de pertes économiques en 2011"

These French resources are based on a news story from, about the fact that 2011 hit a record high for economic losses caused by natural disasters: