L'exercice physique - short GCSE text with lots of pdfs

Short GCSE practice text taken from this fab pdf on rewardinglearning with absolutely loads of GCSE French vocab and grammar practice:

Below you will find tons of pdfs printed from TaskMagic3, based on the one short text:
  • 3 x tile reconstruction - number in order or cut out and reorder.
  • 1 x multi-choice sequencing.
  • 1 x separate the words.
  • 1 x anagram text.
  • 1 x find the French.
  • 5 x gapfills: 1 with word list; 1 multi-choice; 1 context-only gapfill; 1 present tense verb transform gapfill; 1 with long gaps. These all test students in different ways.

And an additional 5 pdfs based on vocab taken from the text:
  • 1 x matching.
  • 1 x multi-choice matching.
  • 1 x pairs cards.
  • 1 x write the French.
  • 1 x dominoes.

You'd have to be completely mad to use all of these with your students. Select a few as appropriate. I've included them all to show you the full range of possibilities. (The only activity I haven't included is the multi-choice reading comprehension.)

If you have TaskMagic3, you'll be able to access these TaskMagic3 files:

Here are the pdfs, in no particular order:

Un mensaje de Papá Noel a los niños

The resources in this blog post are based on the text of this video: 
It's a crisis-busting message from Father Christmas, in the form of a short letter addressed to the children of the world.

There are 17 pdf files -- 11 based on the text of the letter and 6 based on the vocab. These can be accessed by anybody, either printed or used on-screen. (See below)

(Obviously you won't want to use ALL of these pdf files -- I've provided a selection so you can choose the most appropriate ones for your needs.)

I've also included the TaskMagic3 files from which the pdfs were printed:
(Both of these files require a version of TaskMagic3 - trial, licensed or home version)

Here are all those worksheets, in no particular order:

Bob est fatigué... - story with HF words etc.

This blogpost features a load of pdf files (15!) based on a simple story using lots of high frequency words, such as: 
tu dois
il doit
pourquoi est-ce que je dois...?
il veut
il ne veut pas
je veux
je ne veux pas
je ne veux rien faire 

The pdfs were printed from TaskMagic3 using doPDF.

You won't want to use all of the pdfs, of course. I've included them so you have a range to choose from. 10 of them are based on the story itself, and 5 are based on the vocab from the story. (See below)

The TaskMagic3 files are here too: (mtx3=Mix&Gap, see the image above; mdl3=TextMatch).
You need TaskMagic3 to access these. (Each one includes about 20 interactive exercises.)

And here are all those pdfs... :0)

España - Campeones del mundo (2010)

These resources are based on a text I came across after the last football world cup in 2010, just after Spain had won the final. Ideal for KS4 / higher level KS3. (Probably also suitable for AS to be honest as a lead in to a discussion about the this year's world cup, predictions etc.)

There are 12 pdf worksheets in total -- 10 based on the text and 2 based on the vocab. Obviously you wouldn't use all of these -- it's a matter of selecting the most appropriate ones for your students.

I've also included the TaskMagic3 Mix&Gap and TextMatch files for those of you who have TaskMagic3. (These require TaskMagic3 and each one provides access to about 20 interactive games and exercises.)

It's dead easy to create your own resources like these in a matter of minutes using TaskMagic3. Try it out for yourself -- download the 30 day trial for the TaskMagic website.

Peut-on se passer du nucléaire?

I came across this article and video a couple of years ago via Twitter. It's a discussion of nuclear energy in France, ideal for A level French classes dealing with energy, environment, etc.

The 8 pdf files below all practise the same text in a variety of ways. They can be opened, printed etc, by anyone.

They are designed to be used without the audio / video, but if you want, you could use the video at http://www.terrafemina.com/societe/economie-a-bourse/videos/1428-crise-japonaise--peut-on-se-passer-de-lenergie-nucleaire-.html either as the basis for the various exercises or as a way of correcting them (or a combination of both).

I also include the TaskMagic3 Mix&Gap file from which they were printed (using doPDF).

With TaskMagic3 you can create your own resources like these -- both interactive and print -- in a matter of minutes, based on any roman-script text of up to 500 words.

Sam el gato, rutina diaria (Spanish KS3/4 resources)

I came across this nice video on youtube:
So I put the text of it into TaskMagic3.

The result is all of the pdf worksheets below (16 in total -- 11 based on the text and 5 based on the vocab). Obviously you wouldn't use all of these -- it's a matter of selecting the most appropriate ones for your students.

I've also included the TaskMagic3 Mix&Gap and TextMatch files for those of you who have TaskMagic3. (These require TaskMagic3 and each one provides access to about 20 interactive games and exercises.)

Using TaskMagic3 it takes a matter of minutes to create your own text / vocab based interactive resources and printables.

AS Spanish tourism stats resources (March 2014)

10 pdf worksheets below based on a text about Spain's tourism statistics to end March 2014.

The worksheets are in various formats including jigsaw reading and several gap-fills, one of which is a grammar / transformation gap-fill (AQA style).

Obviously you wouldn't use all of these -- it's a matter of selecting the most appropriate ones for your students.

On parle français (ER conjugation in context)

The pdf below contains 14 activities based on a short text demonstrating all parts of "parler" in the present tense. (10 based on the text and 4 based on the vocab).

They're all based on this text:

Je parle français un peu. Je parle français avec mon ami Max. Il parle français très bien. Nous parlons français ensemble.

Ma mère parle français aussi. Elle parle avec ma soeur. Elles parlent français ensemble.

Et toi? Tu parles français? Et tes parents? Ils parlent français? Et toi et tes parents... vous parlez français ensemble?

It should be suitable for year 7, don't you think?

The pdf worksheets were printed from TaskMagic3. The TaskMagic3 files are also included, and require TaskMagic3. The mtx3 file is a Mix and Gap file. The mdl3 file is a Text Match file.

Cendrillon / Cinderella (ks3/4 resources)

Some resources based on a French story in parallel text form, one of the many fabulous free resources available on  frenchteacher.net : www.frenchteacher.net/free-resources/samples/ -- It really is worth subscribing for full access to 100s (1000s?) of French printable resources for all levels. (I'm sure many of you do already :)

I'd already made TaskMagic resources based on this story a while ago. I've merged these into the pdf "fr_cendrillon_text_merged.pdf" below, which contains 10 separate activities based on the story.